Root Sounds – A youth exchange funded by the Erasmus + programme

The project “ROOT SOUNDS” is a youth exchange that uses popular music as a means to learn more about its own culture and that of other European countries. Mediterranea has promoted this idea and intercepted organizations working closely with young musicians and dancers, who share a real passion for music and, specifically, for traditional music.

Music is an effective instrument of intercultural dialogue, uniting peoples and minds and allowing to know the cultural roots of the different countries involved. The young people express their art in the project and tell, through musical notes, a story that speaks of traditions and common values related to tolerance, respect for the culture of others. In the same way, young people through residential experience develop new artistic and social skills, sharing their passions and creativity.

The partnership organisations operate in disadvantaged rural or urban areas, where there are few opportunities for cultural growth and the labour supply is very low. The group most affected by this situation are young people, among whom there is a low level of skills that can be spent on the labour market, a high unemployment rate and consequently a high risk of marginalisation and social exclusion.

The project was born to encourage intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and improve the employability of young people with fewer opportunities, through the sharing of a residential experience and the self-management of non-formal activities – circumstances that promote the acquisition of professional and transversal skills. It represents an opportunity for people living in disadvantaged rural or urban areas where there are very few learning opportunities and the job offer is very low.


Specifically, the project pursues the following priority objectives:

  1. to promote the personal and social education of young people, strengthening their feeling of being European citizens;
  2. to involve marginalized young people with fewer opportunities;
  3. to support the value of diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion in Europe by using traditional music as a tool for mutual knowledge;
  4. to widen the musical and professional competences of the young participants through peer learning actions among the participants.

“Root Sounds” is a youth exchange involving 31 young people from 6 European countries: Italy, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Hungary and Greece. All participants share the same passion for traditional music, dance and are young people interested in intercultural dialogue. Participants want to improve their artistic skills and, at the same time, address issues related to intercultural dialogue, good practices for the protection of human rights but, also, address the challenges of active European citizenship. Young people are between 20 and 29 years old, most of them live in disadvantaged rural or urban areas and suffer from many problems in relation to this: lack of cultural, recreational and educational opportunities, high rates of youth unemployment and social marginalization.

Before the beginning of the exchange, 6 Group Leaders (one for each country involved) and a coordinator are identified and they will be called to carry out a preliminary visit (APV) aimed at mutual knowledge, to examine the accommodation of the exchange and to jointly decide how to carry out the planned activities.

Dates:  – from the 5th   to the 15th MAY 2022(the 5th and the 15th are the travelling days).

Where: Alezio (LE)

Countries: Italy, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Greece