INTERCULTURAL COMICS – Youth Exchange – Erasmus+ Programme

Intercultural Comics” is an youth exchange that involves 31 youngsters from 6 European countries.
All participants share the same passions for the comics and for figurative art and wish to improve their artistic skills. At the same time, they want to address issues about immigration, intercultural/ interreligious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights.

The participants are between 16 and 29 years old, most of them live in rural areas or urban deprivation areas and suffer for some of these problems: lack of cultural, formative and recreational opportunities, high unemployment rates amongst young people and social marginalisation. Among them there are 12 young migrants and asylum seekers and refugees, identified by promoters organizations during their local events and already entered in social inclusion programme.

Before the youth exchange starts are identified 6 group leaders (one for each country) and one coordinator, they will be required to carry out a preliminar visit (APV) to knows each others, to ispect the accomodation and to decide together how to do the planned activities.

During the youth exchange the participants are involved in games, friendly activities and domestic self-management, insights and laboratories. The activities shall first focus on brainstorming and reflection on immigration and human rigths issues, after that begins the exploitation laboratory phase in which are addressed purely technical measure (graphics, color and narrative) for the creation of an intercultural comic book. The participants are divided in joint teams so they can use the comics like innovative instrument of communication between different culture.

The laboratories are mixed with gaming moment and role play to know each others and to have team building and during the exchange are planned intercultural evenings and an excursion in Gallipoli, neighbouring costal city that is embleme of cultural mix-up.

All the activities are organised trought non formal methodology of learning like learning by doing and peer education. The whole exchange (all the activities) will be managed by participants themselves to promote a most active partecipation and to developing transversal competences.

At the end af the exchange is planned a final event open to local public, the participants will expose their intercultural comics achieved during the laboratories. In this forum take place the ceremony of Youthpass delivery. Youthpass is the certificate in which are attested all the competences acquired by non formal learning during the youth Exchange.

YE Dates: 18th-28th of November 2019.

Venue:  Alezio, Southern Italy.

Topics: Comics and Intercultural Dialogue

Financial conditions: Accommodation, food and activities are fully covered by the project (and paid by Mediterranea directly), while the travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 euro for Malta, Greece, Croatia, Romania and 36o euro for Estonia.

info: Infosheet – YE PARTECIPANT